How do I determine which device in my system requires a battery replacement?

You may have been sent an SMS text message with the details of which device is running low or completely flat. Otherwise, refer to your User Manual or keypad to determine which device is sending the RF Low Battery signal.

Which battery type do I need?

You can find this out by either 1) Refer to your user manual. 2) Open the sensor and check battery type. Warning Note: Please ensure you place your system on test before you inspect or change the batteries to prevent triggering a false tamper alarm.

What if my system is still in warranty?

If your system is in warranty and a low battery signal has occurred and you choose to replace the batteries by yourself, it will invalidate any remaining warranty. Therefore, we highly recommend you organise an ADT qualified technician to attend site. Please call 131 005 and we will schedule a technician to attend at a time that best suits you.

If I replace the batteries in the device that has triggered the low battery signal, should I replace the batteries in the other devices?

Yes! As your systems devices were installed together it is likely that the batteries in other similar devices are also towards the end of their effective life. We highly recommend you replace the batteries in all your devices to prevent the system being at risk of being compromised by flat batteries. We recommend you take a record of the length of the battery life and set a reminder for future reference.