About Us


At Thomas Paul Security Trust, Honesty & Reliability mean a lot to us. When choosing a security company to provide security services to protect you, your family your home or your business it is critical that you choose a company that has a proven track record.

It is knowledge that in Tasmania some security providers still provide unlicensed security personnel to provide security services such as static guards, alarm response or patrol services, Thomas Paul Security does not approve of such behaviour nor do we support such behaviour within our industry.

It is critical that when you provide keys to your home - your business or any related issues around your security that you are provided with total confidence that the security personnel entering your home or business is approved by Tasmanian Police and Consumer Affairs and has the appropriate knowledge and training to perform the duties with honesty, trust and care.  Any contractors or sub-contractors associated with Thomas Paul Security Services are required to provide a national police check and also provide business and private references.

At Thomas Paul Security we provide around the clock protection with qualified and approved security staff. All security staff at Thomas Paul Security are licenced and have meet the required criteria required by the Tasmanian Government including Tasmanian Police & Consumer Affairs.