Migrant Resource Centre

MRC north is a complex organisation. MRC North employs more than 30 people and has additional casual and occasional staff. Many of the staff are professional human services workers and Child carers. There are also a number of Management and administration staff and more than 100 volunteers. MRC has a number of houses it utilises for short term (4 - 8 Weeks) accommodation for arriving clients.

Following a number of critical incidents at both Cameron Street and Mowbray Sites MRC reviewed its OH&S policy and procedures and re-examined security protocols. Serious gaps were found in all areas of security. MRC had previously done business with three other security firms. These existing security service providers had failed MRC North badly and as a result staff and property were placed at risk.

MRC North General Manager sought expressions of interest to provied security services to MRC and Thomas Paul Security was engaged in 2009.

From a management perspective it was the best decision MRC has made. One cannot put a price on piece of mind or on staff safety. Thomas Paul Security undertook a security audit and made recommendations for improving security at MRC North, They provided competitive quotes, undertook much of the work themselves and sourced external contractors for repairs outside their scope.

Since engaging Thomas Paul in 2009 they have been required to respond to both alarms and duress calls on a number of occasions. In every instance their response time was much less than that stated. On many occasions security personnel attended in under five minutes.

Overall MRC North has experienced numerous benefits from having Thomas Paul Security take care of all our security needs. Not least of which is their integrated security service that has meant significant reduction in after hour’s staff callouts and therefore a reduction in both risk to staff and in callout costs.

Thomas Paul Security are friendly, professional and I cannot recommend them or their service highly enough.

Jennifer Houston
General Manager