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PROTECT security fog stops the burglar in seconds

All businesses, small or large, have alarm systems to secure their valuables. However, whatever precautions you take, you can never prevent an attempted burglary. Only a PROTECT security fog system will prevent your property being stolen or damaged.



Once inside your premises burglars are likely to steal your valuables if you are only protected by a conventional alarm system. PROTECT Fog Cannon units will fill the area with dense fog and make it impossible for the criminals to see – and steal anything. Long enough for the police to arrive! The fog is completely harmless, and will not cause damage!


Flexible concept for businesses

The PROTECT security fog system includes a range of fog cannon units designed and developed to secure all types of businesses – in appearance as in capacity. Most of our models can be covertly mounted behind a wall or ceiling.

PROTECT security fog system has been tested and well proven in countries all over the world, and we are today the world market leader within fog security.
 So we guarantee it will be a profitable investment.

When it comes to choosing the right PROTECT Fog Cannon, we have a range to choose from

There is a PROTECT Fog Cannon to suit your home, office, retail outlet and warehouse. You can install the PROTECT Fog Cannon so they are either visable or concealed - the choice is yours!

  • PROTECT Fog Cannons leave no residue and the fog is completely harmless to humans, animals, clothing, furnishings, IT and electrical equipment.
  • The fog can last for up to an hour
  • Can be added to an existing alarm system
  • Option of wireless & smart phone app control
  • Low cost and energy efficient
  • Up to 3-hours battery back-up (in the event of a power failure or power outage)


Have any questions?

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact the team here at Thomas Paul Security on (03) 6331 4177, email us at or even visit us in office at 34 Dry Street, Invermay TAS 7248.